The Philosophy of Wellness

The motto "The Philosophy of Wellness" perfectly reflects our spirit, which is to combine the beauty of the body with health and well-being.

The products of the OZONO Health & Beauty, based on active oxygen, contain the essence of our places of origin, in an extraordinarily effective mix.

The Isle of Elba with its enchanting nature, the sun and the crystal clear sea, fully reflects the sense of well-being and freedom. It is the ideal place to spend a weekend in a relaxing, away from traffic and city noises; or a week detox and meditation, preferably in the low season, when the atmosphere is more authentic and life rhythms are in step with those of nature.

A few hours of trekking in the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago, a dive into the sea, or a run in mountai bike along the paths that wind on the island, and then ... a massage with our All-purpose body oil with ozone, bio-stimulating and invigorating.

All our products are made with selected and natural ingredients, to which is addes an ozonated oil rich in peroxides, highly functional. The use of this biologically active substance is an authentic evolution in the world of cosmetics, for which the line OZONO Health & Beauty goes beyond traditional dermocosmetics, entering into the “cosmeceuticals”.