Does the ozone content in products have any contraindications or side effects for the skin?
No. Ozone is active oxygen, and therefore does not in itself have any contraindications.  Some sensitive skin types may be allergic to certain components used in cosmetic products, however our products do not contain parabens and are essentially formulated from natural components.  You should always read the INCI shown on the packaging.

How long do your ozone skin cosmetics products last?
If sealed and stored in a dry place away from light and heat, they have a lifespan of about three years. Once opened, as shown on the label, they last about 12 months.

What makes your ozonated oil superior to other brands?
Because our patented oil, Bioperoxoil, has a high number of peroxides and releases several intermediate Ozonides: thus ozonated oil of superior qualitative characteristics that make it suitable for therapeutic use.

What relationship do ozone dermocosmetic products have with ozone therapy?
Local application of ozonated oils produces results comparable to treatment with gaseous ozone therapy for many pathologies, although sometimes the treatment times are longer. This phenomenon is probably due to a lower oxidant potential and lower systemic effect of ozonated oil compared to Oз.

The gel filler I use tends to darken with time. Is this normal?
Yes, it's quite normal that the gel filler, as well as our other products, tend to darken slightly in the presence of light and over time, taking on a yellowish tone. This is because they are handmade using natural ingredients and few preservatives.

Does the ozone content in the oil penetrate into the subcutaneous layers?
The ozonides penetrate both by the follicular and the intracellular spaces of the epidermis, thus penetrating to the dermis. Their mechanism of biological action hypothesized on living tissue, and in particular on the cell, has a prerequisite in the low molecular weight and short chain length of fatty acids saturated by ozone, as well as the hydrophilia or affinity of the molecule, that the allows it to fuse with the cell wall and spill into the cytosol, triggering the cycle of reactions related to the transformation of peroxides into alcohols.

Can I use the thermogenic slimming cream at home?
As the thermogenic slimming cream, an excellent remedy against cellulite, has hyperemic effects professional use is recommended, after testing the product on a small portion of the epidermis. Do not use in any case of rosacea or in the presence of superficial capillaries.