Company presentation and workshop - Thursday, October 9, 2014

The afternoon event for the presentation of the company Toscana Dream Srl. and our innovative line of dermo-cosmetics OZONO Health & Beauty was held in the Mach 1 Lounge Bar at the Airport of Marina di Campo and was very well attended.

Company chairman, Franca Rosso opened the event and then handed over to Professor Enzo Cutini Ungaro, one of the leading experts in ozone worldwide, for his introductory talk and slide show explaining the therapeutic properties and the wide range of applications of this naturally occuring molecule, which can now also be generated articicially.  During a Q&A session, Professor Ungaro responded to the many questions asked by members of the audience, who were keen to understand the role and dynamics of this unstable gas, also defined as active oxygen.  The notable antibacterial and antifungal properties, along with the total absence of contraindications because of the short transformation time back into oxygen, were highlighted as an alternative to traditional, chemically produced disinfectants.

The pharmacist expert in cosmetology, Dr. Tiziana Criscuoli, then spoke about developing the philosophy of well-being through the use of products OZONO Health & Beauty.  Thanks to clearly illustrated scientific data, Dr Criscuoli managed to explain the needs of the epidermis, the added value offered by the ozonated oil content in our dermo-cosmetic creams and products and the excellence of our artisan production methods in a professional and friendly manner.

Veronica Troccoli, professional beauty therapist at the San Giovanni Thermal Spa, gave a talk explaining the professional uses of OZONE HB , including the special properties of ozone when used for facial cleansing or after hair removal treatments. Hairdresser trainer Massimiliano Canetti - Technical Manager of line of OZONE Health & Beauty complete care for scalp and hair products - later gave a detailed explanation of how to use our hair care products at a professional level.