The official presentation of our company at ENTREPRENEURS INN in Livorno 21-22-23 March 2014

The event, organised by the Chamber of Commerce of Livorno, was a show-case for twenty local firms run by female entrepreneurs.

In order to be invited to participate, firms had to present highly innovative products and who better than Toscana Dream with our brand OZONE Health & Beauty, the new line of ozonated oil beauty products?
The official presentation of our company and products was made on the Saturday morning before an attentive audience. Representatives from the company spoke about a range of aspects:

  • Where did the idea come from to set up the company;
  • The company mission and the "Philosophy of Wellness";
  • The characteristics of ozone in the world of cosmetics and beyond;
  • How Ozone is produced;
  • What are the benefits that this molecule brings to the skin;
  • The right blend of natural ingredients of high quality cosmetics and ozonated oil;
  • The “Made in Italy” and Tuscany brands around the world.

The quality of the products that were tested during the three-day show case drew a great deal of interest from the public and the event was a huge success.