OZONO Health & Beauty on show in Lugano airport - Friday, February 28, 2014

A workshop with the theme "The Isle of Elba between tourism, fashion and well-being" and organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Livorno in collaboration with Confcommercio Elba and the Elba Hoteliers' Association was held at the international airport of Lugano.

During the event, held in the Air-terminal, a new air route linking Lugano and Elba, to be launched next summer, was presented. The strengths in which Elba excels, tourism fashion and wellness were ably promoted to the many journalists and broadcasters attending from Switzerland and Italy.
After a  break for refreshments when typical products from Elba were served, hoteliers and entrepreneurs, including our representatives, from Elba and Switzerland had the opportunity to take part in B2B meetings.
As part of this initiative, two publicity boards were inaugurated in the passenger transit area with the aim of promoting commerce with Elba, including OZONO Health & Beauty and our line of products. Other companies displayed include: Locman, Acqua dell’Elba, Lalita, Volpi ceramiche, Cose belle, Dampaì and Minervarte eventi, along with a number of farms.