OZONO Health & Beauty at the "Beauty and Wellness" Fair

The first annual fair, “Bellezza e Benessere”, organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Livorno was held on 1st and 2nd November, at the Forum Modigliani in the Coralli Shopping Centre in Livorno, where we had a stand.


Thirty companies from all over the province took part: beauty salons, hair salons, gyms and personal trainers, herbalists, tattoo centres, etc. to satisfy the curiosity, amusement and nutrition of the public.

Over the two days, professional and artistic exhibitions, product presentations, demonstrations and much more were held on the stage of the arena and in exhibition spaces in a lively, cheerful atmosphere, among a myriad of colours and beautiful models.

During the two slots available to us on the stage, Franca Rosso presented the company and the OZONE Health & Beauty line of dermo-cosmetics and Dr Tommaso Ferrini spoke about ozone, explaining how it is formed naturally and artificially, and illustrating its many significant properties. Then our sales representative Sandro Bozomo made a presentation of the equipment used for generating ozone, providing practical demonstrations of its use and explaining the various fields of its application.

Despite being the first year, the exhibition was a great success with a large number of visitors, thanks also to the fact that this was a bank holiday weekend.