Open day at Sbraccia famous perfumeries in Genoa

On Friday, March 18th, 2016, at the store of Sbraccia Perfumeries in Via Ceccardi in Genoa, there was a Open Day with a presentation of our line of dermocosmetics Ozono Health & Beauty.

The event had a great success, thanks to the intervention of our trainer, Dr. Cinzia Cantini who, on the reserved loft, individually met many clients of the perfumery, making pratical demonstrations and suggesting to each of them personalized treatments with our productos. Beauticians and professionals of the cosmetic sector have been provided with the protocols of the ozonated oil treatments for face and body.

During the day, on the ground floor of the store, Dr. Caterina Fortuni presented the various references of the line to the kind customers, making them test the products and distributing samples test. The event received wide public acclaim.