World conference on ozone therapy in medicine, dentistry and veterinary – Ancona

Organized by F.I.O. - Italian Federation of Oxygen-Ozonotherapy and chaired by prof. Lamberto Re, took place on 22-23-24 September 2017 the World Conference of Ozonotherapists, in the eighteenth-century interior spaces of Mole Vanvitelliana in Ancona.


Our company participated with its own corner, to present and testing its OZONO Health & Beauty dermocosmetic line to the approximately 250 doctors and physicians, coming from 29 countries around the world and attending the conference.

The products found great interest by the specialist medical world, who knows in a highly professional and scientific way the many therapeutic properties of ozone. This natural element offers excellent results on the epidermis, renewing the cellular tissue, reactivating microcirculation, promoting collagen and elastin production, and so on. The ozonized oil used as a functional active ingredient throughout our range, cleverly combined with other selected high-cosmetic ingredients, allows a gradual ozone release, capable of carrying out a biological skin care activity.

In particular, the last born OliOzono was very appreciated: it is an oily lotion with a high concentration of ozonized oil, is useful as an adjuvant to accelerate the skin scarring, to repair sores and burns, combating solar erythema, dermatitis, etc.

The success on this occasion is for our company a further confirmation of having embraced a highly innovative philosophy, which gives concrete results that go far beyond traditional cosmetics, framing us as cosmeceutical manufacturers.