Ozonated oil

The relatively short life of ozone in the air means that it cannot be stored in large quantities, and this feature, in some cases, may impose limitations in its application. In sunflower, olive, flax, hemp and jojoba oils, ozone is microencapsulated in the molecular structure of the oil itself in the form of ozonide compound thanks to the high content of essential fatty acids of these oils. When stored at low temperatures, this stabilizes and amplifies its duration, allowing the ozone to remain in a "nascent" state for a long period of time. 

Ozonated oil refers to the biological action of ozonides that, in contact with skin and underlying tissues, enter quickly into action with a series of benefits:

  • High germicidal effect on fungal, yeast, virus and bacterial conditions.
  • Activation of capillary blood circulation.
  • Stimulation of granulation and tissue growth.
  • Anti-inflammatory and analgesic action.
  • Revitalization of epithelial tissues.

Local application of ozonated oils produces results comparable with those obtained by using gaseous ozone therapy in many diseases, however treatment times are longer. Our ozonated oil, obtained according to a patented method, contains a high concentration of lipo hydroperoxides per ml. rendering the quality of its features and effectiveness much greater.