Beauty Routine Essentials

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A short and fresh skincare routine, to treat but not weigh down the face.

Essentials is the set that contains the four key facial care products:

  • Cleansing milk to remove make-up impurities that are deposited on the skin during the day
  • Facial toner to soothe redness and for leaving the skin velvety and soft without alcohol
  • EYES serum for treating the eye contour with its lightweight texture, can also be used for the lip contour
  • Fitocrema, the inevitable final touch of natural hydration for the face
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With a cotton pad soaked in cleansing milk gently remove makeup or impurities from the skin, rinse, in case of heavy makeup you might have to redo one more time.

After patting the face dry it is time to switch to the Facial Toner, always using a cotton pad or with your hands.

For the application of EYES serum, tap a small amount of product in the eye area and if necessary, also around the lips and let it absorb.

We close our routine by applying a layer of Fitocrema moisturizing cream and massage it until completely absorbed, it will leave the face soft and hydrated.

Ideal both for the day, adding SPF, or for the night.