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An aid to water retention and fat melting

Two slimming body creams, which help dispose of water retention and melting of deposited fats.

  • The Slimming Draining Cream helps water retention, leaving a delicate fragrance on the skin
  • The Thermogenic Slimming Cream is the “spicy” sister, in fact, it contains chili and applying it the skin warms it while melting fats, while applying this cream is recommended to be careful and not to touch eyes, nose, mouth and wash hands immediately after use, it is normal for the skin to turn red, the activation of the cream makes the skin warm reddening, it is not permanent
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Choose the cream you prefer and spread it generously until absorbed on the parts more prone to adipose accumulation and water retention, legs, arms, belly and buttocks.

Attention: For Thermogenic Slimming Cream it is advisable to test a small portion of skin to test its sensitivity. Do not touch the eyes, nose or mouth when applying the cream. It’s quite normal that the skin where the product is applied becomes red and warm.